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SERYAPIM İNŞAAT TAAH.SAN.TIC.LTD.STI is the leading, architecture, interior architecture, construction project management and contracting ”company of our country, known for its creative designs and perfect work in architecture and interior design.

Founded in 2006 under the name of different company, in 2012 was merged into SERYAPIM INŞAAT TAAH.CHANCE.TIC.CO.LTD. has been.

“Commercial spaces” (offices,Bank offices,shopping centers,educational structures,hotels,hospitals,conference rooms,automobile showrooms,cinema business centers etc.) he is known for his extensive experience of all types of buildings, including”private villas and residences”.

Architectural – interior architecture-“construction project management” and “turnkey contracting” services, which can manage a project from the beginning to the end through its manpower and development systems, are the main key to its success in addressing and achieving this integrity.

SERYAPIM CONSTRUCTION TAAH.CHANCE.TIC.CO.ŞTI is known and recognized for its services in the following fields:



Not every SERYAPIM CONSTRUCTION project has ready-made concepts and pre-used details, but each project is an original and original idea work in which new ideas are revealed for us. We think that every project is new, every project is special, every project is permanent. Likewise, every customer’s need is unique and unique.

From the concept of a new chain store, to the decorative address of an entertainment venue to the target customer, to the design of an original villa, all are the power of the ideas presented by SERYAPIM İNŞAAT. When you combine this power with quality, we think that there is no customer satisfaction it cannot meet.

Our services may vary depending on the type of project and the choice of the customer. While some of our projects manage projects and applications together, others we design and others implement them. This enables our project and application group to conduct business development activities separately.

We offer comprehensive integrated teams between architects, interior architects, civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as architecture and other disciplines (reinforced concrete, electrical, mechanical installations, etc.) to provide integrated solutions. Our Interior Design team is able to provide project inspection services in all areas of a building’s interior design, from space planning to delivery.

Although these processes may vary according to the characteristics of each project, they can be given as short titles in the Figure below.

  • Determination of employer requests
  • Making project decisions
  • Preliminary research and market research
  • Idea phase studies
  • Preliminary design and design work
  • Preparation of application and detail projects
  • Architecture and other interdisciplinary coordination
  • Superposition of architectural, electrical, mechanical and static projects
  • Preparation of quantity, unit price and 1st discovery
  • Calculation of the total budget of the work
  • Preparation of work program and cash flow
  • Revision and approval of budget or proposal
  • Preparation of administrative and technical specifications
  • Material selection and approval
  • Collecting bids from subcontractors
  • Comparative discoveries
  • Selection and contracting of subcontractors
  • Starting the business
  • Site supervision and supervision activities
  • Monitoring and reporting of activity realizations
  • Preparation of progress payments and payment orders
  • Supposing and supervising different disciplines
  • Ensuring occupational safety and site cleaning
  • Monitoring of productions in terms of quality, budget and time
  • Provision of activity and temporary admission
  • Listing and eliminating all missing and retouching jobs
  • Function tests of the structure
  • Final delivery of the structure and recording
  • Profit / loss account by calculating the actual cost
  • Preparation of as built projects according to actual works
  • Delivery of the work to the employer
  • Organization of the elimination of user complaints
  • Final acceptance procedures and follow-up of collateral return
  • transactions
  • Preparation of building instruction for employer

Furniture design has been one of our priorities since our establishment. Generally, in every project, it is one of our characteristics to reflect at least a few special design furniture to the space that will reflect our designer identity for years. In some of our projects, finished products may not be suitable for a defined need and may not have sufficient flexibility. In this case, new designs need to be developed. Our company sees furniture design as our distinguishing feature from our competitors.

Among our implementers, we have designed the furniture that we have designed for both private building projects and workplaces with the highest quality materials and are designed to meet the demands of the users for a long time. We constantly update our database of materials and equipment and accessories.

SERYAPIM CONSTRUCTION is a “Construction Project Management” and “turnkey contracting” company that provides full service regardless of architecture and interior design services. Provides Project Management services in the capacity of Temsil Owner’s Representative alan which includes all design, project and application phases from the beginning of construction program to the end.

If we need to describe our services within the scope of construction project management, we can list them as follows. Without compromising the quality standards described in the contracts, we will explain each of them individually and cover all the stages from the design to the turnkey after the delivery of the work.

The boss of each project is the customer. We demand your project management to reduce the workload. As a Project Manager, we act as a temporary manager acting on behalf of the customer, leaving only key decisions to the customer throughout the project.

SERYAPIM CONSTRUCTION Construction Project to carry out your construction program from “one source Project

As we present within the management, it can also carry out only the application phase of the works, regardless of the design and projecting processes. There are also important business endings in this direction in its portfolio.

Benefits of Construction Project Management

  • Allows you to foresee possible delays in work times.
  • It is provided to prevent overflow from the budget.
  • It controls costs from the beginning to the end of the project and can even save money.
  • Compliance and non-compliance with the terms of the contract are separated.
  • Protects you from all kinds of corruption in the construction industry.
  • Possible technical problems related to the works are prevented.
  • It ensures the quality described and adopted.
  • It provides optimization in the design-time-budget triangle.
  • Speed ​​and economy are provided in all official transactions.
  • Provides healthier project documentation by foreseeing what documentation is needed at which stage.
  • Consistent and professional staff provides working comfort.
  • It allows you to plan your cash flow during the project.
  • It provides a team of knowledgeable and in-market teams who ensure the purchase of the highest quality products and services in each product, on time and in accordance with the budget.
  • In the post-work process, each item allows you to receive work with zero deficiencies.
  • Minimizes risk.

Construction Project Management Processes

  1. Master Plan
  2. Design
  3. Budget
  4. Bid
  5. Buy
  6. Build
  7. After Construction
  1. Master planning

Preliminary Design Project Analysis:

It includes detailed planning studies about time, budget, cash flow requirement, risk factors, relations with official institutions, which may be effective in making decisions about the construction items of the project, including the feasibility study of a construction project starting from the pre-design period.

  1. Design

SERYAPIM CONSTRUCTION provides design-oriented project and planning services. For details of our services during the design phase, please refer to the “architectural and interior design” services section of SERYAPIM CONSTRUCTION.

The project reflects the maximum known detail about any element of the project at the end of the work and the cost of each work item to be completed, the total cost of the whole project and the amount of cash needed during the construction period to meet this cost. we act with the awareness of how necessary and important.

While budget modeling is carried out, the information obtained from the unit price bank of SERYAPIM CONSTRUCTION and the old projects, databases and special information related to the project are brought together.
These discovery and cash flow statements will continue to be the first beginning of the reporting until the end of the business. These studies are presented to the customer in a meeting and financial modeling of the project is determined by reaching the optimum budget as a result of mutual comments.
  1. Bid
  • The classification of tender business items is determined.
  • Unit price descriptions and technical specifications are prepared.
  • Supplier lists suitable for pricing are created.
  • The list of the price makers and the preliminary qualifications of the contractors are drawn up.
  • Preliminary – Pricing talks are conferences (s).
  • Bids are collected and compared with all criteria.
  • Differences in comparison before the contract are corrected.
  • Contracts are prepared and signed.
  1. Buy Taking

SERYAPIM CONSTRUCTION organizes the purchase of all kinds of materials or services from the country or abroad on behalf of its customers.

  1. Construction phase

Site Management

  • Identify critical deadlines on the work program and follow them on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Preparing weekly payment tables according to payment terms of subcontractors
  • To ensure correspondence / communication with subcontractors.
  • Change order process / pricing
  • To assist the landlord in all communications and correspondence with government agencies
  • To prepare weekly development reports. Photo supported.
  • Conduct daily meetings with subcontractors to review the construction process and solve problems that prevent development
  • To be in full time with our site management organization
  • To answer all the subcontractors’ problems related to construction for information purposes and to ensure that all questions related to the design are answered quickly by the designers.
  • Site and manufacturing inspections
  • To ensure the safety of the construction site
  • To follow the suitability of the work program in each line of work, to ensure the suitability of inappropriate teams to the work program,
    Preparing written weekly management reports showing the project’s budget and business progress,
  • Finalize and finish the project
  1. After Construction
  • Making or having “As-Built” plans
  • To follow and manage Project Closing Activities,
  • Review subcontractor’s final payment application
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