Quality, Occupational Health and Environmental Policies


SERYAPIM construction always meets the needs of its customers.

SERYAPIM construction will build facilities or all construction works under the supervision of;

  • That it will comply with its promised specifications
  • Would be completed on time
  • It guarantees that it will complete its budget status.

with its applications and ISO 9001 and other quality certificates, it will demonstrate its commitment to quality while maintaining the quality management system that fully complies with the Quality Management System and its requirements.

It advises all employees, resource providers and sub-contractors to comply with the requirements of the Quality System.

It makes improvements to ensure management control, training and control are effectively in place in its business and regulates them in a way that benefits customers, resource providers and employees.


SERYAPIM construction company is committed to providing assurance in good friendship relations, in the continuous evaluation of the environmental impact of its activities, in materials and other matters.

As our company, we employ systems and materials that have probably less negative impact on the environment (indirectly and directly). We guarantee environmental strategies by substituting harmful products with beneficial products.

All our projects comply with the provisions of the published Law on Environmental Protection in line with the economic developments.

Every employee feels responsible for protecting the environment and making it even more livable. Our management policies are designed to encourage our employees, subcontractors and suppliers to demonstrate the necessary sensitivity to environmental and potential environmental pollution hazards .


SERYAPIM construction management team prioritizes ensuring that its employees and all other staff working at the site are healthy and safe and able to work without harm.

The purpose of this policy is to reduce injuries, other unnecessary losses, liability and protect the environment. This policy is based on the implementation of three columns.

  1. Using a rigorous business process with well-trained secure staff to identify and control accidents and risks
  2. The chain of administrative responsibilities that guarantee the continuity of Health and safety remains the main values of the company’s business principles and management.
  3. Bidirectional communication network that allows us to commit our employees to comply with safety and health procedures in all our projects.

SERYAPIM works in cooperation with many certification organizations to ensure the best maintenance of construction safety procedures and management.

Our OHSAS 18001 certificate clearly demonstrates that our structure, procedures and way of working comply with the necessary safety guidelines. We are also preparing a new safety regulation for each of our construction sites, taking into account its own dangers, risks and special circumstances.

This regulation, together with the general safety regulation, is displayed in places that can be seen by everyone.

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